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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Proof That Legislation Never Really Dies

The Virginia General Assembly is known for more resurrections than the Bible and yesterday almost saw another bill come back to life. Those who watch the General Assembly know that any bill can be reconsidered once before it is finally dead. The Richmond Times Dispatch reported this morning that is what almost happened yesterday with Senator Marsh's "gun show loophole" bill. Senator John Edwards, who voted to kill the bill in Senate Courts of Justice last week, tried to have the bill reconsidered so it could be amended to provide that gun show promoters could make background checks available for private sales for a reasonable fee. Edwards viewed this as a compromise saying that both sides have been using this as a political football and he said he was only trying to look at it rationally and find a middle way.

Virginia gun owners need to stay vigilant as this maneuver could occur with any bill that has been voted down.

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