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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Gun Show Loophole Dies in House of Delegates - Senate Version to be Heard on January 21

The General Assembly is in full swing and the last day to introduce bills has now passed. VSSA is still compiling a complete list for the tracking form but there is a bill that needs the immediate attention of all Virginia gun owners. While the House of Delegates Militia, Police and Public Safety Committee defeated the House versions of the so-called "gun show loophole" bills on Friday, January 18th, as expected, the Senate Courts of Justice Committee will hear the Senate version (SB 109) of the bill on Monday, January 21st at 8:30 AM. Gun owners should contact the following members of the committee and ask them to vote no on reporting the bill out of committee.

Senator Kenneth W. Stolle - (804) 698-7508 -
Senator Frederick M. Quayle - (804) 698-7513 -
Senator Thomas K. Norment, Jr. - (804) 698-7503 -
Senator John S. Edwards - (804) 698-7521 -
Senator W. Roscoe Reynolds - (804) 698-7520 -
Senator Ken T. Cuccinelli, II - (804) 698-7537 -
Senator Mark D. Obenshain - (804) 698-7526 -
Senator Ryan T. McDougle - (804) 698-7504 -
Senator R. Creigh Deeds - (804) 698-7525 -
Senator Robert Hurt - (804) 698-7519 -

The Senate Courts of Justice Committee is chaired by anti-gun Senator Henry Marsh (D-Richmond). Marsh is also the sponsor of SB 109 . While phone contact is always the best, email will work as well. Anti-gun groups are trying to use last April's Virginia Tech shootings as the reason for closing the non-existent "gun show loophole. Politely remind the Senators that gun shows played no role in the tragic shootings at Virginia Tech and that three separate studies by the Department of Justice have found that gun shows are not a source of firearms for criminal. Anti-gun Governor Tim Kaine was quoted in the Saturday edition of the Richmond Times Dispatch as saying the Marsh bill is his chosen vehicle for getting this legislation enacted. That is why it is important for you to act today and let the Senators know you oppose the bill.

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