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Thursday, December 6, 2007

Newport News Police Offer $100 in Gun Buy Back Scheme

Newport News has seen an increase in crime, especially gang related activity. Rather than try to employ real crime fighting tactics to combat the increase, the Daily Press reports that Newport News Police are planning a gun buy back this month. As is usual in such schemes, the police will not ask any questions about the guns or the people handing them in although they do plan to match guns turned in against a list of those reported stolen and if any match reports, they will be returned to the owners.

Anyone turning in a rifle, shotgun or any other type of gun, will receive a $100 gift card that can be used in Wal-Mart or Farm Fresh Stores. There will be no restrictions on what the cards can be used for. However, gift vouchers will not be given for BB, pellet or toy guns, although police spokesman Holly Tepper said they can be handed in. Police will also accept ammo. According to the Tepper, the buy back is being funded with $35,000 donated by members of the local business community who want to remain anonymous.

In a rare instance of candor about gun buybacks, Tepper said the buy-back scheme is unlikely to lead to hard-core criminals handing over their guns, "but might take guns out of homes that criminals could steal and use for crimes." So, we finally have someone admitting that buy backs are not about fighting crime - it's to get guns out of the homes of law-abiding citizens.

In fact, Police Chief James Fox said at a town hall meeting that more gun buybacks might follow if the 15th is viewed as a success. Fox said "there are a lot of people who have guns in their houses who need to get them out of there. If you don't know how to use them and they are just laying around ... we are going to get rid of them for you,"

In other locations around the country, enterprising gun rights supporters have rounded up guns that no longer function, turned them in, then turned around and used the gift cards received to purchase air guns for junior shooting sports programs to introduce more young people to the shooting sports.

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