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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Governor Kaine and the Second Amendment

Yesterday I posted about Attorney General Bob McDonnell joining a multi-state brief for the Supreme Court in the District of Columbia v Heller, that support the view that the Second Amendment protects an individual right to keep and bear arms. The Roanoke Times contacted the Governor's office where the occupant, Tim Kaine, has a history of strongly supporting gun control (i.e. trying to use taxpayer money to support the misled mommie march in 2000). I think the response (or lack thereof) is telling.

Kaine's spokesman Gordon Hickey said, "The governor generally (emphasis added) supports Second Amendment rights..."

One either does or does not support a basic human right. I find it hard to envision what "general" support would mean. True, Kaine signed into law Delegate Lingamfelter's bill blocking New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg's gun dealer entrapment schemes and given the fact he used to be a trial lawyer that is a plus since it was a group of trial lawyers that gave Bloomberg the idea in the first place. But Kaine has now jumped on the bandwagon to close the nonexistant "gun show loophole" and I can't imagine an anti-gun bill that has been introduced in the General Assembly over the past several years (banning carrying a firearm in a police station, banning carrying in a library etc) that he would not sign if it reached his desk.

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