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Thursday, October 18, 2007

VDGIF Votes To Allow Unplugged Shotguns

Virginia`s Department of Game and Inland Fisheries convened yesterday for its periodic regulation review, deciding on dozens of proposed amendments to state regulations governing game wildlife, hunting, trapping, wildlife diversity, fishing and fisheries resources and boating. Among the regulations was a proposal to allow unplugged shotguns for non-migratory birds. The General Assembly passed a bill earlier this year that allowed DGIF to approve such a proposal.

According to the Richmond Times Dispatch, the issue brought the most division among the members of the board.

Bob Duncan, the department's wildlife division director, pointed out that different states are split on the issue. The Carolinas and West Virginia allow the use of unplugged shotguns, while Maryland, Pennsylvania, Delaware and Georgia do not. Questions of safety were raised, which Duncan said weren't an issue in states that allowed unplugged guns. Ultimately the board voted 5-4 to allow the use of unplugged guns.

The effective date of that regulation was moved up to Oct. 26 (the standard date for hunting and firearms regulations was July 1, 2008) to allow hunters to use unplugged guns when fall turkey season opens Oct. 27.

The Board also approved a proposal to allow an additional week of early muzzleloader deer season west of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

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