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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

The stuff really stacks up when you don't post for a week

Here is another item that popped up while I was on posting hiatus. As is usually the case Northern Virginia localities put together a legislative package that they hope the General Assembly will consider and pass. Inevitably it includes one or more gun control recommendations. It is usually the same rehash from year to year, banning firearms in recreation centers, blah blah blah. This year, Arlington has come up with a new idea. According to the Sun Gazette Newspaper the Arlington County Civic Association wants the General Assembly to allow officials to furnish to media outlets the names of people who have purchased handguns. Newspapers and other media organizations can then determine whether to publish them.

Apparently, Arlington did not learn the lesson that gun owners taught the Roanoke Times after it published the names and addresses of Virginia's 135,000 CHP holders. That led the State Police after an opinion from the AG to limit access to the list.

Speaking of the Roanoke Times and publishing the personal information of CHP holders, a friend forwarded a story from an October 8th WDBJ news report about a new proposal that would keep the public from using the Freedom of Information Act to access identifying information about permit holders.

According to the report, a subcommittee of the General Assembly's Freedom of Information Advisory Council is recommending personal identifiable information of concealed carry holders be kept private. Under their proposal, folks could request statistical information, like what percentage of the population in the Roanoke Valley has a concealed gun permit.

Law enforcement could still access the complete data for their jobs. The proposal must be approved by the General Assembly before it becomes law.

VSSA will keep gun owners informed on this issue and when a bill is introduced next session.

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