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Monday, October 22, 2007

The Protest

As posted earlier last week, thirty two protesters participated in the Brady Campaign "lie-in" at noon across the street from the Richmond Gun Show Saturday. I consider these Brady stunts to be tasteless, especially when they use the families of victims to promote a political agenda. Worse, they provide talking points that have no basis in fact for their participants to regurgitate.

The facts are clear - 98% of all firearm transactions at gun shows go through licensed dealers. The term "unlicensed" dealer is both misleading and false. There is no such classification. If you are selling firearms as a primary function, and you are doing it without a license, you are violating federal law and the penalty is 10 years in federal prison. Someone who sells firearms from their personal collection for any reason is not a dealer - unlicensed or otherwise.

You can read the Richmond Times Dispatch's coverage of the protest by clicking here.

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