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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Opponent Likely to Air Ads Hitting Cuccinelli for Supporting the 2nd Amendment

This just in from hte Cuccinelli campaign:

"...Put on your helmets. Our opponent has been funded from unidentified sources to buy a whopping $200,000 worth of broadcast television advertising starting today through Monday, November 5th. As they say – Yikes.

"We expect them to start running ads on the 2nd amendment issue later this morning.

"One thing is clear, we need to be prepared to get out our positive message in response. The problem is, we’re at the end of our moola here at the end of the campaign.

"We do not have $200,000 (I know you’re surprised), and we already sent out our last mailing requesting donations. So, please, help us gather as much money as we can to fight back with our own positive, conservative message. Please donate today by clicking here! We’re in the final sprint, and they’re dropping ‘the big one’ on our head on broadcast T.V. No one had ever gone on broadcast television in NoVa for a state senate race until this year. Now we get to be part of the fun.

"Please help us respond by donating today.

"We’re Still Working!We have always survived based on support from a committed base of volunteers. Won’t you please help us? Now is crunch time! If you’re willing to help, please give us a call at 703-293-9001 or email Please don’t delay! We are working EVERY DAY!

"We still need more volunteers. We have a lot of work to do in this must-win race, and we still need more people involved to help us get over the top. Can you adjust your schedule for 6 days to carve out time to help us in this critical race? Today? This weekend? Will you take election day off (or even just part of it)?

"Retired folks, can you make phone calls from home or at an office where we have a phone bank running? If so, please call us at 703-293-9001 or email We really do need your help."

If you can, please help this pro-gun candidate with a donation or by volunteering in this last week of the campaign.

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