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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

"Deal of the Day" a Must Read

Sorry for the lack of posts over the last week. I was attending a conference for my job then had to get my articles together for the next issue of VSSA's publication, The Bullet.

The International Association of Chief's of Police (IACP) are holding their annual conference this week in New Orleans. This group is well known for its love for more gun control. This week is no different where they are calling for passage of a new "assault weapons" ban among other restrictions. They say this is needed because cops are out gunned on the street by thugs who are "carrying more AK 47s."

Maybe instead of lobbying congress for more gun control they should be lobbying their state legislatures to pass tougher sentencing standards for criminals similar to what Virginia did in 1994 when parole was abolished for criminals convicted after 1994, we passed three strikes legislation, and passed truth in sentencing.

All we have to do to see why violent crime is increasing in some areas of the country is to look at the sentences that are being handed out in our courts, many times to people who should have been in prison instead of on the street committing the crime for which they are facing light sentences.

Cam Edwards of NRA News' Cam & Company, heard nightly on Sirius Satellite Radio (Patriot 144) as well as live on the Internet on, has a segment each night known as "The Deal of the Day" where he highlights instances of criminals making out like bandits when it comes to the sentences they receive. He has also created a blog so you can read the actual news report. It is well worth the read and is a great ammunition to respond to the antis when they whine that we need more gun control. You can respond, "no we need criminal control" and then site why you are right. You can find "The Deal of the Day" by clicking here.

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