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Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Police Departments May Soon Be Hit With Ammo Shortage

National Public Radio (NPR) reported yesterday that local police departments are being hit by the same problems shooters have seen for sometime now - rising ammo prices and even shortages in some cases. There are several reasons for this - one being the strain that the military action in Iraq and Afghanistan have put on supplies. The other is the fact that the Chinese and India economies are growing and are putting a strain on raw materials like lead and copper which in turn are driving up prices for those materials.

On a personal note, my favorite shotgun shells have almost doubled in price over the last couple years.

According to NPR, over the past month, newspapers across the country have published stories suggesting that police departments could soon be hit by a nationwide ammunition shortage. Ammunition prices have increased along with copper and other commodities. And that, analysts say, has prompted some gun owners to stockpile ammunition.

You can here the NPR report here.

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