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Monday, September 24, 2007

NRA's Celebration of American Values

NRA held it's Celebration of American Values in Washington, D.C. the past weekend. About 500 Endowment, Patron, Benefactor and President's Council members packed the Presidential Ballroom at the Capital Hilton to hear a number of presidential candidates as well as other U.S. Senators, Congressmen and Governors talk about our rights and the coming storm in 2008. I will post some video and photos from the event in the next couple of days but I wanted to share these words from Senator John McCain. I think his "three myths" theme expresses better than anything I have heard so far how some candidates and those pushing gun control view the Second Amendment.

Senator McCain put it this way: "In my years in Washington, I have seen what I will call three myths used by politicians to excuse their support for gun control. First, is the big city myth: that it is acceptable -- even necessary -- to fight crime in big cities. If you have a crime problem, they say it's really a gun problem. So instead of increasing police patrols, instituting tough sentences for lawbreakers and other measures that would actually address crime, we restrict ownership of guns and limit the rights of law abiding citizens.

"We are meeting today in a city that represents the worst of this myth. The citizens of the nation's capital do not enjoy the right to keep and bear arms. That is why I have co-sponsored legislation repealing the ban on firearms possession for law abiding citizens in the District of Colombia. The Second Amendment is not just for rural Arizona, it is for all of America.

"The second myth is that of the 'bad gun.' This was at the core of the debate over so-called 'assault weapons.' Proponents of this myth argue that some kinds of guns are acceptable -- for now -- but others are not if they have certain features -- like a pistol grip or an extended magazine. I will continue to oppose those who want to ration the Second Amendment based on their views of what guns it applies to.

"Finally, there is the hunting myth -- if you show your bona fides by hunting ducks or varmints or quail, it makes up for support for gun control. This myth overlooks a fundamental truth: the Second Amendment is not about hunting, it is about freedom."

Stay tuned for more comments about this exciting event.

1 comment:

Jack Landers said...

This is the same John McCain who appearing in ads promoting the passage of a federal law to require all firearms in private homes to be locked up?

Hmmm. Maybe I'll thank him if that bill ever passes and I get shot by an intruder because I'm still fiddling around with a combination while he carefully aims and fires at me.